Liquid Stack

Liquid Stack is all about experimenting with liquid density—We promise the science isn’t dense, though.

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What's included
Ships January 16th

What's included

Your experiment box comes with everything you need to get started.

  • Rubber Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Labracadabra Magic Lab Shirt
  • Bottle for experiment
  • Bottle of vegetable oil (20 oz)
  • Bottle of dark corn syrup (20 oz)
  • Bottle of blue dishwashing liquid (20 oz)
  • Bottle of distilled water (20 oz)
  • Bottle of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) (20 oz)
  • Food coloring (2 colors)
  • Funnel
Liquid Stack


All experiments should be performed with adult supervision.

Appropriate safety wear, such as googles and gloves, should be worn.

  1. Begin by filling your bottle 1/5 of the way with dark corn syrup. Pour carefully into the center using a funnel.
  2. Next, pour dish soap into your bottle, filling the bottle another one-fifth of the way up. Tilt your bottle as you pour so the dish soap slides down the side, layering properly.
  3. Water is the next part of our liquid stack. Add a few drops of green food dye to the water and stir until the color has changed.
  4. Next, take the water and slowly pour it down the side of your bottle, preventing bubbles from forming. Keep your bottle tilted until the water is equal to the other liquid layers.
  5. Vegetable oil is next. By now you’re a pro at this. Keep your bottle tilted and pour another one-fifth of the way up.
  6. We’re almost done! Mix red food dye with the alcohol and stir until the alcohol turns red. Then tilt your bottle and slowly pour the alcohol down the side.
  7. Now seal the bottle and tilt it upside down. Tap the top of the container and watch the different liquids drop.
  8. And with that, you’ve mastered liquid density, the same principle used by researchers to analyze blood and the human body. Now go enjoy your title of Liquid Stack Master!